The Camp Seneca Lake Staff Is:

Camp Seneca Lake takes pride in the quality staff that return year after year. Our division heads, Chinuch staff, Sports & specialty staff, waterfront directors, infirmary personnel and any other specialty area staff  all play an integral part in the day to day operation of the camp. We are one big family that cares for your children like our own. Camp Seneca Lake is home to approximately 450 campers and 150 staff.  Our counselor staff come to us from many of the main Yeshivahs in the New York Area as well as Florida, California and Israel. Working at Camp Seneca Lake is a very rewarding experience for both the staff members and the campers and ultimately, our goal is to have these experiences, friendships and memories stay with the campers and staff for the rest of their lives.

Interested in becoming part of our staff?

Irv Bader


In 2010 Irv was elected into the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame

Irv Bader is the founder and Director of Camp Seneca Lake. He has been a camp Director for over 41 years, and hires all his staff members, and oversees the entire camp operation. He makes sure that all campers’ religious, social and athletic needs are met. Irv has been able to retain key staff members at camp for many years.

Irv is also the Chairman of the Physical Education Department and Athletic Director at Touro College in New York, NY. Prior heading up Touro College’s Athletic Department, he was the Athletic Director at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School in Great Neck, NY and Flatbush Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. He was also the Director of Adapted Physical Education for the New York City Department of Education for 28 years and a retired Professor of Physical Education at Brooklyn College for 26 years.

Camp Rabbeim And Chinuch Staff

Rabbi Josh and Rikki Lehman

Rabbi Josh and Rikki Lehman have been the OU-JLIC rabbinic couple and directors at the University of Maryland for the past few years.

Rabbi Josh Lehman grew up in Monsey, New York but has spent most of the last decade living in Israel. After studying in Yeshivat Hakotel for 2 years and serving as a combat soldier in the IDF, Josh continued on to study Computer Science at the Jerusalem College of Technology. He then received Smicha from the Mizrachi Musmachim Program while serving as a Gemara shiur assistant and teacher in both Yeshivat Hakotel and Aish HaTorah.

In addition to playing guitar, running, and enjoying a good football game, Josh loves to spread his passion for learning Torah through a warm yet sophisticated lens. He loves to build full and meaningful relationships with everyone he meets and never gets tired from a good shmooze.

Rikki Lehman grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. She studied for a year and a half in Sha’alvim for Women in Yerushalayim, and went on to study in Stern College for Women, where she majored in psychology. During her college years, Rikki was involved in informal education, as an NCSY advisor during the year and on summer programs such as Michlelet and TJJ. The summer after graduating Stern, Rikki made Aliyah and worked as a madricha and part-time teacher in Machon Maayan. She worked as an Admissions Coordinator for Yeshiva University in Israel, and taught classes on Navi and Modern Jewish Thought in Machon Maayan.

Rikki is a big coffee lover and enjoys road tripping with family and friends. She is passionate about teaching and learning from people of all different backgrounds, and creating lasting relationships with those around her.

Along with their two boys, Yair and Gavriel, the Lehman’s are so excited to be spending the summer at Camp Seneca Lake!

Shimon and Idit Shushan

Shimon and Idit Shushan, who will be joined by two of their five children, Yishai and Maayan, are thrilled to be joining the Camp Seneca Lake community this summer!They have three older children, Shachar, Roi, and Amichai, who will remain in Israel during the summer. With a love of education at the core of their values, this family hails from Nitzan, Israel, a very special town by the sea.

Outside of their work at Seneca, Shimon serves as the head of a high school yeshiva in Rehovot, while Idit teaches Hebrew language in a girls’ high school. Prior to those roles, the Shushans previously served as Shlichim in Springfield, Massachusetts for four years and in Teaneck, New Jersey for three years. They are eager to share their love and knowledge of Jewish texts, as well as the ethics and morals of Judaism with the campers at Camp Seneca Lake.


  • Ross ZuckermanAssistant director


  • Shalom BabayevDivision Head
  • Andrew LeibowitzSpecial Activities Coordinator & Mini Camp Director
  • Alexis BlattDivision Head
  • Karen HershkowitzDivision Head
  • Avishag vanaDivision Head
  • hannnah LippmanAssistant Division Head
  • Zeeva SklarDivision Head 
  • tamar edellDivision Head
  • Amy KalterHead of Summer office
  • Eliza DachsInfirmary manager
  • Beth PykusAccounts Payable
  • Judith RoseHead Nurse
  • Aliza DuftlerInfirmary Staff
  • Yonit feldermanHead of Pool
  • Andrea RandolphHead of Lake
  • Jenny GoldsteinAssistant Program Director
  • Arup DuttHead Tennis Director
  • Irene OkunArts & Crafts
  • Yael Rudolphprogram director
  • David BenhamuHead Chef
  • Hava GreenfestHead Chef special diets/allergy kitchen
  • Leslie Ann FromenHead of Baking Program
  • Nikki Sulemanoffhead of summer office
  • Harry Bernzweigdivision head
  • Amanda dryerHead of cooking program
  • Tali SeinfeldInfirmary staff
  • roi malagenDivision Head
  • Emil CoronadoAssistant Division Head, Head of Softball Program
  • Robyn DweckDivision Head
  • Nechamie GoldbergInfirmary Staff
  • Talia RosenInfirmary Staff
  • Chad DavisAthletic Director
  • Rabbi Boaz TomskyHead of Dining Room, Assistant Chinuch
  • Karen ZaltaMini Camp Head Staff
  • Laya DanielCo-Head Day Camp
  • shachar fruendDivision head
  • Asher and nechama krohnchinuch
  • Ido suissadivision head
  • Odelya suissachinuch
  • Larry WingateHead of basketball